How to enable installments in other themes

What you should do, if you'd like to use the app in other themes

The installment payments app is made to not change your theme files.

That's why you need to manually activate it for each theme inside the theme editor.

1. Go to your store theme section

Once you click "Online store" you'll be there

2. Choose your theme and click "Customize"

3. Click the embedded apps icon below the paint icon

All your embedded apps will be here

4. Find the "Display installments" app block

Ao contrário da foto, os aplicativos estarão desativados por padrão

5. Activate the app and click save once you're done

You can also publish your new theme.

Final considerations

It may happen that your theme is not working well with our app.

If that happens send us a message and we'll update the app as soon as possible to make sure it works with your theme.

You can use the app with as many themes as you like in your store. The app will not change the themes files and once you disable it, everything will be back to exactly what it was before you activated the app.