Scala Installment Payments FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Installment Payments app

Can this app receive payments?

No, to capture payments you need a payment processor. An App is not able to do that.

Most payment processors are not able to accept payments in installments, you'll need to find out in your country which one works the best for your store.

Some popular options are Klarna, AfterPay and Affirm. ShopPay can also accept payments in installments, but currently only for stores in the US.

Paypal can also accept payment in installments in some countries, but you'll need to apply for it.

Does this app work in checkout pages?

No, Shopify is very strict with checkout pages and pretty much all of Shopify apps aren't able to work during checkout

Will this app work in my country?

This app is made to work with any currency available in Shopify.

Currently there are more than 135 currencies available in Shopify, and even if your currency is not available on Shopify, our app algorithm will most likely be able to figure out a way to format prices in your store.

How do I translate the app?

We add translations as requested, the app currently has translations for english, spanish, portuguese and turkish.

If you need translations for your country, just send us a message, we'll also need your help, since you probably know your language better than us, and google translations doesn't always work well.

Are there additional fees?

No, the app price is a a fixed monthly rate, regardless of how many orders you have.

What happens if the customer stops paying?

That depends on each payment processor. Most from our experience 99% of payment processors assume the risk, as part of the service they are offering, since they'll be charging you a fee for processing the payments in installments.

Will the app slow down my store?

No, for the following reasons:

  1. Unlike most apps, the app loads directly from Shopify CDN servers, so your store won't have to make a request to an external server, authenticate and only after that download the app script
  2. The app javascript only loads after your store page has already loaded

Can I ask for additional customizations?

Yes, you can ask the team, if it's not something too complex, we can do it for free.